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Autumn celebrations as tapir tot is born at Lake District Wildlife Park (09/2013)

The Lake District Wildlife Park near Keswick is celebrating the birth of a long awaited Brazilian Tapir (Tapirus Terrestris). Born earlier this week, the Tapir tot is now venturing out of his home to explore more of the park. Breeding Tapirs in captivity is difficult and the park believes the new baby is the only one born in the north of England this year

Our Keepers are certain its a male baby and are now considering a name for the well camouflaged infant.

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The tapir mom is called muffin :-) :-) :-)

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Dont forget there was another riot at WVU after they beat Baylor.

Thugs rioting over a football game. But lets see if the news even reports this riot. But then again, their behavior will be excused because rioting is justified when its a football game compared to peacefully protesting for the shooting of an unarmed person

Man, this isn’t even far from where I’m from. I’m home in Martinsburg but go to college at Shepherd University.

i didnt know you were out in the country-boonies lol

I’m in Winchester, which is about fifteen miles from the border of WV and I heard about this on tumblr well before I heard it from a local news source.

I have to emphasize: This is rioting after a WIN. A WIN.

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