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My dice cabinet. Over 5000 dice in them.

  • Person: Why would I buy Sims 4? So I can turn around and buy a bunch of expansion packs just to add stuff into my game that I think should have been there from the beginning?
  • Me: Yes. Are you new? That's exactly how the Sims works. That's how it's worked from the beginning over 14 years ago.


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It doesn’t seem there are enough variety in clothing. The clothing all seem like put together people would wear. Where are the dumpy looking clothes for my dumpy sims? But the biggest problem is the formal wear for women who can only wear heels and skirts. If you choose a piece by piece outfit. It really sucks. I mean look at this.




I mean not all women wear skirts and heels. It’s just kinda upsetting. Ugh

Remember it’s just a demo. There’s only a sampling of options so there will be more in the actual game.

Oh I understand but it isn’t promising. Sims 4 has a lot of things going against it. It all stems of EA’s current attitude that is disgustingly pro-only-profit to an extreme degree. It just seems like “How much can we remove from the game? Then force them to pay for it later.” I just don’t buy the argument for pools. I have no problem with no toddlers. Because they aren’t essential. However pools have been in every game since the first one. Why not delay the game until a 1st Qtr 2015 release to include pools. It’s just everyone knows there will be some expansion or the between stuff pack/expansion pack called “Outdoor Fun” or whatever with pools and other outdoor items.

I mean look at the mess of SimCity.





I, uh… I stated her up for Pathfinder. just for fun. Along with a new race, the scuri.

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Stats for amazonchique first RPG character and a new Pathfinder RPG squirrel-people race, the Scuri!

Love it!!!

Oh my god is that a squirrel!!!!!! o.o You have no idea how much I need this in my life.

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Even though the discovery of turning off the filter (thanks helpful other tumblr users). The clothing still seems all pretty. I just want some average looking clothing for my less fashion forward sims.

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